SmartHQ API - How It Works

Explore the Possibilities

See all that is possible with the SmartHQ API and build the app of the future, today

Building on a History of Firsts

We were the first appliance company to launch a full suite of products that worked with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and we are looking to break new ground by becoming the digital leader in appliance app development.

Instant Customer Base

GE Appliances are already in 50% of households creating a large and diverse customer base the minute your app is integrated and deployed.

Hundreds of Appliances

With over 600 smart products–and growing–in our portfolio you can connect and control everything from lightbulbs and laundry to dishwashers and doorbells.

Easy to Implement

Our API utilizes OAuth 2.0, the industry-standard protocol for authorization, so you can have a prototype up and running in a day or two.

Supports Pub/Sub

With pub/sub you do not have to be constantly pinging the device for updates.

Thorough Testing

We have built our own SmartHQ app on our API so you know that it has been vetted and tested to pass the highest standards of performance.

Safe and Secure

GE Appliances adheres to strict security standards to ensure our owners and appliances are protected.

Constantly Learning

We are constantly improving, advancing, and refining our API so it will always be on the leading edge of technology.

Reshape the Experience of America’s Homes

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